When you choose KC Martin to repair your auto differential you are choosing  professional, and affordable auto service. Our skilled mechanics have decades of experience fixing auto differentials for all types of vehicles. Bring in your car today for an inspection and a precise estimate!

Your car or truck's differential controls the power of your wheels and regulates the speed the wheels turn. Differentials are sometimes referred to as "gear boxes" they distribute power from the vehicle's drive train and on to the wheels. These gears will only last if they are properly protected with clean fluid.

Differential matters on the "driven" wheels of your car---the front set of wheels for front-wheel drive and the back wheels for rear-wheel drive. The driven wheels on all vehicles are linked by the differential in order to ensure that a single engine and your transmission can control and turn both in the wheels in that set. So, if you drive a front-wheel-drive car, your differential will be located in the front and is referred to as a "transaxle". With a four-wheel drive vehicle, a differential is on the front, back, and another one in the middle! What is the CENTER differential there for?  Well, it adjusts for the difference in speed between the front set and rear set of wheels. Your differential is very complex indeed.

We can also check and, if necessary, change you differential fluid. The differential fluid is there to lubricate and cool the gears to avoid damage and help everything to operate smoothly. As your mileage increases, this fluid can get dirty---mostly due to small particles shaving off of the gears. Plus, there are additives within the fluid formula that keep it clean and help prevent break-down of the gears over time. These are all reasons why it's so very important to have the fluid periodically checked.

At KC Martin Transmissions, we have the training and equipment work on the many types of differentials. If you sense any kind of problem with your differential, it's pretty critical to get it in to be seen and examined.  Contact us and schedule your appointment with KC Martin Transmissions today.
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