Your car's differential does an extremely important job for you, but it's not something we think about very often. When you turn your steering wheel, the inside tire must roll at a much slower pace than the outside tire. Your differential, is very scientifically calibrated to keep your wheels from scraping or hopping as you turn. 

The differential system contains gears that transfer power from your vehicle's drive train to the wheels – This is why they are also commonly called "gear boxes". Strong gears that work constantly in your car must be protected with lubrication.

If you have a front-wheel or rear-wheel driving car, then it is named this way because the driven wheels are linked so that your engine and transmission system can turn these wheels. The other set of wheels actually spin independently. In a front-wheel drive car, your differential is located between the front wheels and it is referred to as a trans-axle, rear-wheel drive cars have the differential at the back, and four-wheel drive vehicles have them on both the front and back axles and also one in the center. The one in the center adjusts for the speed differences between the front and back.

Okay, so it's clear that this is a very complicated system, but there's one way to make sure it continues to do it's job for the long haul. It has to do with the differential fluid. Differential fluid lubricates and keeps the gears cool. The fluid can get dirty over time, usually due to bits of the gears flaking off. This is why the fluid must be changed at scheduled times, usually set and recommended by the car's manufacturer.

It's also important to know that there are a variety of differential types, but rest assured KC Martin Transmissions can diagnosis and repair all of them.  If your car's manual suggests differential servicing, or if you're noticing any kind of rough operation with your car, schedule an appointment with us today. It won't matter what is causing the malfunction. Our shop fixes all makes and models of vehicle and handles ANY repair or service you need---we are full service auto repair company!
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