K.C. Martin is your local auto service shop that has the experience, training and equipment to  to handle ANY clutch repair or replacement. We have been providing quality, cost-effective auto repair for generations.
The connection between vehicle's engine and the transmission is your clutch.  With a manual transmission the clutch is controlled by the driver.  As your vehicle speeds up,  adjustments with the clutch transfer power to the transmission and wheels. 

Are you having problems with your car or truck's clutch? Then you will want to pay close attention to the warning signs that your clutch may need repair. Failing to fix  a clutch can lead to damage of other parts of the car- leaving you with a major vehicle breakdown and expensive repairs.

Warning signs of a failing clutch:

  • Gear Slippage: Your vehicle occasionally slips out of gear or becomes jerky when driving.
  • Clutch Sticks: If your pedals become hard to press, your issue may be loss of pressure between the hydraulic links. While this does not always mean that your clutch is failing, it does mean that you need to have the leaks repaired. Failing to have the repair done can lead to clutch failure.
  • A Burning Smell: This can result from damage caused by overheating or as a result of normal wear and tear. 

When you notice one or more warning sign, it is time to get your car into a professional transmission shop to get your transmission a comprehensive inspection and diagnosis.

When KC Martin inspects your clutch our experienced mechanics will also look for other potential problems that can shorten the life of your clutch.  These include:

  • Transmission fluid leaking onto the clutch
  • Oil leaking
  • Clutch linkage issues
  • Clutch hydraulic problems (on hydraulically actuated clutches only)
  • Flywheel problems
  • Mis-alignment problems between the motor, transmission, or bellhousing
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