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Clutch Repair and Maintenance--Important for Manual Transmission drivers

by KC Martin Transmissions on 02/26/14

Your car or truck's clutch makes the connection between your car's engine and the transmission. A manual transmission, unlike an automatic is under your direct control. As you accelerate, you need to make adjustments with the clutch to transfer power to the transmission and wheels. The clutch connects the engine to the gearbox.

With that understanding of its basic operation, it's important to pay attention to warning signs that your clutch may need replacement. Keep in mind that a faulty clutch can lead to damage of other vehicle parts making the problem even more costly.

Warning signs of a failing clutch:

  • Gear Slippage: If your vehicle starts to slip out of gear or is very jerky when you are driving, you may have a worn clutch that needs to be replaced.
  • Clutch Sticks: If your pedals become hard to press, your problem is a loss of pressure between the hydraulic links. While this does not necessarily mean that your clutch is failing, it does mean that you need to have the leaks repaired. Failing to have the repair done can lead to clutch failure.
  • A Burning Smell This can result from damage caused by overheating. It could also be a result of normal wear and tear. It can also be a result of "riding the clutch" uphill or in slow moving traffic. Don't ignore it.

While it's important to pay attention to these warning signs, you don't have to become obsessed with concern about your clutch or vehicle in general. However, when one or more of these conditions happen repeatedly, it's time to get into our Lynnwood Transmission shop for a look.

In addition to inspecting the clutch our licensed mechanics will also inspect for other potential problems that can shorten clutch life, including:

  • Engine oil leaking onto the clutch
  • Transmission fluid leaking onto the clutch
  • Clutch linkage problems
  • Clutch hydraulic problems (on hydraulically actuated clutches only)
  • Flywheel problems
  • Mis-alignment problems between the motor, transmission, or bellhousing

Once your vehicle has been inspected and necessary repairs made, it's important to pay attention to its operation once you leave the shop. We recommend that you bring your car back in within about 15 days to make sure everything is working properly and that you're happy with the installation. We warranty the clutch against defective parts or workmanship only; not against failure due to reasons beyond our control. We carefully check each component during replacement.

Clutch Care

Obviously, the way in which you drive your vehicle makes a difference in the length of your clutch's life. Driver error or abuse of the clutch can void your warranty. Driver error/abuse includes:

  • Revving the engine excessively when starting out.
  • Resting your foot on the clutch pedal.
  • "Riding" the clutch (same as resting, but with more pressure)
  • Pulling heavy loads necessitating number 1 above.
  • Rocking the vehicle from 1st & reverse when stuck in mud or snow.
  • Drivers inexperienced in driving stick shift transmissions.
  • Slipping the clutch excessively for any reason.
  • Lugging the engine/clutch by being in too high of a gear for the vehicle speed.

If you take care in the operation of your clutch the likelihood of problems will be greatly reduced.  Allow us to be a help in any way we can, even if you have only minor concerns.  Remember: We've been providing Transmission repair Lynnwood WA has been using for over 65 years!  We've got you covered.  Hope this info has helped!

Comments (2)

1. Jerry Boggs said on 3/9/15 - 06:09AM
I had no idea that rocking your car in the snow is bad for the clutch. This is something that I do frequently. The winters are harsh where I live, and my car is small. It gets stuck at least once a week. That is probably why my vehicle is not shifting smoothly anymore.
2. Jeff Curtis said on 2/22/16 - 09:28AM
I am thinking that the clutch in my car is going out. I know that it is an extremely important part of my vehicles performance. I have felt some gear slippage and That can be a scary sign. Thanks for the helpful advice!

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