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Finding a Trusted Auto Repair Shop - How do we stack up?

by KC Martin Transmissions on 02/29/16

When you choose KC Martin Transmissions you can rest assured that you have found quality, local, experienced transmission repair and automotive service. We have been serving the community since 1948, providing services to all makes and models of vehicles and both automatic and manual transmissions. At KC Martin Transmissions we fix your car or truck and we stand by our work, and seek your satisfaction.

That's how WE introduce ourselves, but what makes a quality repair shop and how do the experts claim that you should find a quality shop? Below are some factors that indicate you have found a trusted repair shop, and how our credentials stack up!

1) Look for a professional shop that is experienced.
When you are looking to get your transmission repaired or for any auto service you want to make sure that you are leaving your car with a team that can fix it correctly. Auto repair shops that have been in business for a long period of time usually have the expertise to make sure that they make the right repair at the right time. Faulty repairs can not only be harmful to your vehicle but can cost you time and money. We have experienced mechanics work on your car and have been operating for generations (nearly 70 years!) providing efficient, superior repair work.

2) Choose mechanics that will guarantee their work.
You want to look for a team that will provide quality repairs to your vehicle; and if they cannot stand behind their work then you may want to look for a different shop. KC Martin is committed to repairing your car correctly- we even offer a 2 year/24,000 on workmanship for all services we provide.

3) Verify that the repair shop belongs to organizations for trusted mechanics.
This is how you can ensure that the mechanics whom will fix your car will fix it correctly. KC Martin Transmissions belongs to an association of transmission professionals, ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association), and our expert mechanics are ASE certified technicians. This is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and it is the most trusted organization for certification of mechanics in the world.

4) Check out the company’s references and reviews.
This will give you an insight into how the shop’s service and how they handle repairs. KC Martin Transmissions is proud to not only have loyal customers but to have excellent reviews on Google Plus, Facebook, and Yelp. Plus, you can ask around Lynnwood and Edmonds WA, we are the kind of company that entire families trust their cars and trucks to.

5) Visit the repair shop.
Look for cleanliness and professional service. If a company doesn’t care for their environment around them by valuing the appearance of their shop that is an indicator that they might not care for your car either. The same goes for how they treat you when you walk in, and the care they put into serving you. Good service face to face usually coincides with great care for the car.

When you need transmission repair or maintenance then you need to look no further then KC Martin Transmission for local, trusted repairs. If you have additional questions about what makes a quality repair shop or need your car inspected give us a call today!

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1. Jeff Curtis said on 3/14/16 - 05:33AM
Thanks for the help with finding a trusted auto repair shop. I like your tip on finding one that is experienced. I think it is important to find someone who has been running a shop for a long time, and that has a good track record. I also like what you said about going and visiting the shop. Thanks for the help!
2. Bob Lowe said on 6/6/16 - 03:50PM
Thanks for the post. I really like the idea that as soon as you have a list of shops to go and visit the different shops. I agree that if the shop is clean, and you are treated by professional service than you have a good candidate to consider. I also agree that if they don't care to keep their shop clean than they may not care a whole lot about your car.
3. Stify Morey said on 6/18/17 - 11:07PM
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