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Giving Back to our Lynnwood WA Community

by KC Martin Transmissions on 12/26/12

We were mentioning in our last post, about how thankful we are to be in business, and how thankful we are to be of service to people as a part of what we do at KC Martin every day. Of course, we do our best to convey that on a daily basis, and well, it's a business like any other, so some days are better than others. Generally, we have done well and have kept generations coming back again and again to our shops for auto repair and good, solid, and friendly service.

Another aspect of how we have shown our thankfulness and care for those around us is through involvement with the local Alderwood-Terrace Rotary. Honestly, I've put in a lot of time and effort with this group and I'm pretty darn proud of what we do and many of the things we've accomplished over the years. It's a relatively small group of business owners, but it's a group of individuals that are focused on making a difference. I had yet to share on this blog, any of the wonderful things we have taken on over the years, but I thought it might be about time to let folks know that some really good things have been happening in our community.

One such thing is this year's 'The Sharing Tree" project. It was the 25th year of collecting and distributing toys and clothing to those in need. We started doing it in 1988 in the toy department of Sears. What happens is that our club and our friends staff "The Sharing Tree" and collect new toys and clothing from the day after Thanksgiving, until the day before Christmas. We then distribute these gifts to those in the area who are eligible for food stamps or whose kids are eligible for subsidized school lunches.

It's a nice idea, right?  But how successful and impactful have we been? Well, here are the numbers from the first 24 years: On average, our collection is at around 2000 items, and at an estimated $10.00 per item, we've calculated that over $460,000 in toys and clothing have been collected and shared with people in our community, making the past 24 Holiday Seasons a whole lot brighter for many, many families. We're talking about having a HUGE impact. 

I'm writing about this now, not because I am making a ploy for YOUR involvement, because clearly, we are done with the effort for this year----and I'm sure it was a smashing success. Of course, we'd love to have you and yours come and support "The Sharing Tree" next year, but I really just wanted to express how serious I am, and KC Martin Automotive is, about being a contributor to the people and families around us.

I plan to share more about what we are up to, and trust me, there's much more to come. For now, I wanted to sing the praises of the Alderwood-Terrace Rotary Club, though the members don't have any problem remaining unsung heros, it's great news for this Holiday Season that there are Local business owners who really do care and are thankful for all that their community has given them. We hope you all had (and continue to have) a wonderful Holiday Season.

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