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KC Martin Transmissions - 60 years "running strong"

by KC Martin Transmissions on 03/03/12

The KC Martin name has a long history in the Lynnwood and surrounding areas.  We of course operate this Transmission shop along with the general automotive shop (found at www.kcmartin.com ).  The general automotive business is where it all started over 60 years ago.  We're proud to be a part of this area and this community, and heck, to have stayed in business this long.  But, it isn't just enough to just survive the times, and honestly, our history is about a little more than that.

We pride ourselves as mechanics and support staff of KC Martin Automotive and KC Martin Transmissions, in the way we approach caring for vehicles and the people who drive them.  That makes it all the more special when we fix the transmission, brakes, engine, or electrical system of a third generation customer----that's right, I said THIRD GENERATION!  We say that all the time, "We're the same place that your grandpa used to take his car", but it's all about what that statement implies.  It implies a long track record of fixing car problems and recommending work that people feel is done correctly and priced fairly. 

Auto repair businesses and transmission specialists are well aware of the inconvenience of "car trouble", but OUR focus is on what it will take to keep your vehicle running well for you in the long run.  It's hard to trust someone to do the right thing and do the repairs needed without simply finding things to charge you for.  But see, that's where the history comes in.  We've proven that, over time, customers of all ages, understand that our shop stands for that commitment to giving you the right answer.  We even recommend preventative work, so that you can save money by fixing issues and replacing parts long before they cause you a major hassle.

We're so glad and honored to have the dedicated customers that we do, but we feel we've earned that dedication with everything we offer and how we have performed time and time again.  That's the reason why our two locations have continued to have loyal customers, and it's also why anyone who hasn't yet brought a vehicle to us, should do so the next time they're experiencing any issues (or needs any of these services www.kcmartintransmissions.com/services.html )  .  Bring it in, we'll tell you what needs to be fixed.  Then we'll show you why your KC Martin has been running strong for so long.

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