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KC Martin Transmissions focuses on "The Right Thing To Do"

by KC Martin Transmissions on 01/17/18

This year marks the 70th year of operation for KC Martin Automotive. The original shop on 196th in Lynnwood, has been in operation since 1948. Even this Transmission Shop has been at its current location since 1986---32 years isn't anything to shake a stick at either. It's quite incredible, the longevity of this business and all of the things that have come and gone in that span. Why is it that we've been able to last so long and continue to serve folks successfully and thrive in our continued business? We'd tell you that it's all about focusing on "The Right Thing To Do" for our customer, and that all comes from ACTUALLY CARING for our customers and our community.

Of course, KC Martin Automotive at large, and KC Martin Transmissions has always had a focus on doing good auto repair work, which includes hiring the right technicians, using parts we know can be relied upon, and all of the other day-to-day functions of a successful business. The average employee over here loves cars, likes to work on them even in their spare time, and will work in the industry somewhere even if they were to leave KC Martin. But our business isn't REALLY about cars, it's about YOU.

Ultimately, we are people too, and we are part of the same community as the folks who trust us with their vehicles. So, there shouldn't be any choice other than to "do the right thing" in every situation, as any responsible business, or person should. The right thing isn't ALWAYS easily figured out or agreed upon, but in many cases, businesses don't choose to take care of the customers first. That's where they get it wrong, and repeating that misstep may be what ultimately keeps some businesses from surviving for seven decades as ours has.

In one of his articles for GEARS Magazine, transmission industry commentator Thom Tschetter, poses the question (also the title of the article) "Do You Care....Really?".  Mr. Tschetter uses his understanding of customer service, and talks about how caring for customers first leads to a better experience for all involved. He says, "If you care.....really, all the rest of the stuff just happens as a natural consequence of caring." He continues on with how a business like ours must also take care of its own employees and team the same way.

At KC Martin Transmissions, we believe this is what sets us apart from other local auto repair shops you might have been to. We talk about the choosing "The Right Thing to Do" in every situation, for our customers. Yes, we're a business, and we must charge for car repairs and make money, but there are situations as well, where we choose to think about the bigger picture. For instance, we've been known to be clear with folks when a certain car isn't worth repairing in our opinion---of course we'll do the repair if that's your choice---but we don't want to make money off of a bad situation. Other times, we are brought a car only to find that it's a minor issue that really won't need a repair at this time. Customers are sometimes shocked that we aren't trying to "find something to repair". 

We work this way because it's "The Right Thing To Do" and the consequence is that we tend to earn the trust of the people we come into contact with. Our technicians and staff gain credibility, so when we say something must be repaired or replaced, our customers take our recommendations to heart. But really, there's no sense simply telling you about it, it's better if you see for yourself! Come be a part of our 70-year history, and see what it's like to have an auto and transmission repair shop (either one of our shops) focus doing the right thing for you AND for you car. 

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