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Manual or Automatic Transmission: Which is best for you?

by KC Martin Transmissions on 10/17/15

Do you drive a manual or automatic transmission? Have you ever wondered which transmission type was best for you? It really depends on your driving objectives as to which kind of transmission would work best in your vehicle. 

Most cars have gone automatic, and there is definitely some ease to driving an automatic transmission. So, if you're only concerned with convenience, then making sure you have an automatic transmission car would be a solid choice. If instead you are looking for a more cost effective option and better driving experience, then you might look into a manual transmission vehicle. What are some of the benefits of driving a manual transmission for you and your car? We have listed three main reasons for choosing a manual below: 

1) Having a manual transmission will save you money. The initial cost of the manual transmission car will be less than automatic vehicles and also have better fuel economy. With the purchase of the car you will get a better deal in general because manual transmission have less moving parts and are not bought as frequently as their automatic transmission counterparts. The manual vehicle saves you money at the pump because manual transmissions will give you better gas mileage. Limiting the times you need to visit the pump not only saves cash but time as well. 

2) You will have more control over the car and the driving experience. Driving a manual gives you complete control over the car. You get to dictate your car’s gear shifting, as opposed to the speed doing the selecting which creates an unrestricted and even smoother driving experience. You will get better acceleration and get better performance out of your vehicle in general.

3) Maintenance is simpler and will cost less. Manual transmission vehicles need to be serviced less often than automatic vehicles. Also the transmission repairs with the manual will be more straightforward which will cost you less money. The maintenance of the vehicle is just another way that a manual transmission will save you time and dollars.

When first driving a manual transmission one may experience a bit of a learning curve, but rest assured that it will save money and time while providing a superior driving experience. These days, it may seem like an automatic transmission is the easy choice, but these benefits may be enough for you to think again. Maybe a manual transmission would work better for you---or maybe you'll find that it's not your thing, even with the benefits. If you have any questions or need service on either type of transmission, give KC Martin Transmissions a call.

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1. Nathan Johnson said on 2/11/16 - 07:57AM
My wife and I are planning on buying a new car soon. Our last car died from a transmission problem. I really want to buy a car with a manual transmission (I first learned to drive on a stick shift). I like that the maintenance can be simpler and cheaper for a manual, so I'm hoping we don't kill another car because of transmission issues. Thanks for the info!
2. April Cook said on 5/24/16 - 05:33AM
I'm in the market for a new car, and I'm starting to think that a manual transmission might be the best fit for me. I like that you have more control over driving, and that maintenance and repairs are simpler. Saving money is always a good thing! Thanks for this great information!
3. Wade Joel said on 6/1/16 - 11:13AM
I have driven both automatic and manual transmission cars and I think they both have their own pros and cons. I know my brother had to replace one of the transmissions in his old manual transmission car and he said it did not set him back as much as he thought it would. I also like the fact that you can really control manual transmission cars to your own liking.

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