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Need a price on Transmission repair work?

by KC Martin Transmissions on 03/11/12

So, you may have a problem with your vehicle's transmission.  Manual or Automatic, we work on them all.  Often times we get phone calls from people wanting to know what we will charge to repair their transmission.  It's an odd question, even with all of our expertise, experience, and willingness we have, to know what is going wrong with your vehicle simply by telling us a couple of symptoms.  It's a lot like asking the doctor to diagnose you, layout a treatment plan, and tell you what that will cost, simply by calling him and describing a few symptoms.  You wouldn't expect him to do that----not accurately anyway.

lynnwood transmissionWe do understand that a car is not a human body, and a transmission may be a bit simpler than your internal biology, but frankly not by as much as you think.  Take a look at the picture to the right for instance.

This picture depicts ONE transmission taken apart and laid out over one of our work benches here at KC Martin Transmissions.  All of these working parts added together make one complicated apparatus.  On top of that, we pride ourselves in giving you an accurate estimate on transmission work.  That's gonna be nearly impossible to do over the phone.

There's a simple solution, though.  We ask that you bring the vehicle by--that's all.  COME SEE US, and give us at least a moment to hear, feel, and see the way the car's transmission is operating. We can get an idea of what is happening and what most likely needs to be fixed.  Then we can give you the most accurate estimate on what parts and how much labor will be needed to get your car running right again.

Looking at that picture can also give you some sense of just how much expertise is required to properly work with these complicated sections of your vehicle.  Automobiles in general are complicated, and it should be clear that trusting your work to anything less than an expert, is a risk that you shouldn't take.  Many times, folks want to find the best price for work to be done.  But, the most important thing, is making sure your transmission guy finds the problem and fixes it completely.  We have an excellent track record of doing that, which ultimately saves our customers time AND money.

The moral of the story, is that you take us up on our offer.  Just bring your vehicle to us.  Even if it's not necessarily your transmission--just BRING YOUR CAR TO US.  It's a huge benefit, and like we have mentioned before, we've been here in the area for over 60 years.  We might have known your parents or grandparents, so we certainly wouldn't mind introducing ourselves to you, either.  We look forward to showing your our expertise, accuracy, and value!

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