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Our Transmission Shop has much to be thankful for!

by KC Martin Transmissions on 11/24/12

So, it's Thanksgiving Weekend and it's a time to reflect on everything you have. Your family, your friends, your health, and the work you do every day.  As a small business these days, you tend to feel thankful just to be able to remain in business.  In our case, we are thankful for our 65-plus years as a Lynnwood Auto Repair business!  As mechanics and transmission specialists (yes, even the owners are!), we're so glad to be doing the work we've devoted our lives to, for a company that has such a great reputation and that is trusted by THOUSANDS of customers every year.

Sure, it's a bit THANK-LESS sometimes, because folks aren't always happy spending money to repair car problems, but we are glad that we are in the position to help our customers every day. We've had many customers over the years offer heartfelt thanks, they remember our names when they come in, and many of our great customers, bring their car to us for EVERYTHING--from oil changes, to wheel alignment, to major malfunctions, to advice on kind of new car to get.  For our customers we are VERY thankful.  They keep us moving and without our auto repair and transmission repair customers, we'd have no business to call home.

At both our shops, we remain very thankful that we are part of a business that has grown with the Lynnwood and Edmonds WA communities, and we're are so happy to see customers come from many miles around to experience our service and to stay loyal to the kind of auto service we've demonstrated.  We're thankful to have state-of-the-art equipment, and good, experienced technicians that keep us up-to-date and on top of all new developments in the industry. 

Our hope is that we can continue to maintain our reputation as a car mechanic that you can confidently hand the keys over to.  That all of our current customers continue to bring their cars to us for anything they might need, and to allow us to keep their car running efficiently for years.  And, with that, we hope that folks who have never come to us before, will hear about the great work we do, and give us a shot! That's really all we ever ask.....give us the opportunity to show you what kind of service has kept our customers thankful to have found us too!

We're thankful to be here doing what we do, both at our transmission shop and at the original location.  Thank you to our longtime customers, and maybe the new customers out there will give us a chance to serve them soon---you might be Thankful that you tried us!

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