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Recognition for KC Martin Transmissions and What It All Means

by KC Martin Transmissions on 05/21/18

This past September, KC Martin Automotive and specifically KC Martin Transmissions received a nice bit of recognition from GEARS Magazine---a mainly transmission-industry focused publication—that highlighted our history as a company, our transmission shop, and some of the things we do to be more than just a business, but be a strong part of the community—both the local area community with charitable measures, and also the community of auto repair professionals that must tended to as a new generation grows into the workforce. We thought we’d revisit some of these points for our customers, but also mention another form of recognition that we are proud to have garnered.

In the very well-written GEARS article about KC Martin Automotive, they walk through our history and how the company has been a mainstay for 70 years. If you didn’t already know, the company has been sold to employees who grew up in the business a few of times since Kirby Martin started and owned the original shop in 1948. If you get a chance to check out the original article, you will see us explain the fact that the Transmission Shop DOES do general auto repair work as well, and that we work with some other dealerships and separate auto shops in the area to provide them with wholesale transmission work. It’s great recognition for who we are and the work we do every day as a business, but we’re even more proud to have a couple of other areas mentioned.

The KC Martin Automotive family has not just EXISTED in the Lynnwood and Edmonds area for 70 years, but we’ve consistently made the effort to be involved in the people of our community. The Alderwood-Terrace Rotary Club has been a conduit for much of that involvement and streamlined way of “giving back”. Providing clothes, Holiday gifts, and stocked backpacks for kids in our community sure has brightened our existence and we’d like to think will continue to help our community grow strong. The article also gave us a chance to talk about our involvement with helping bring NEW TECHNICIANS into the automotive field. Not just hiring younger people, but giving them on-the-job training, and expertise in transmission work. It’s good for the industry, it’s good for them, but also it’s very good for the future of KC Martin shops and how we can continue to serve our customers with our quality style of service and repair. And the story even makes clear that continuity has been vital to our reputation as we’ve kept many of our employees with us for, not just years, but DECADES. We take care of our employees, so that they will take AMAZING care of YOU, our customers.

All of this recognition was wonderful and it’s STILL wonderful to go back and read. Not every business gets such complete coverage of all that they do (Thank you again, to the staff at GEARS Magazine). And yet, we still feel that this article and all it mentions is SECOND to another kind of recognition we receive. The MOST IMPORTANT recognition we receive is from YOU and your continued business with us. The trust many customers have in our service and our recommendations provides us with more pride and motivation than any public notoriety could. We show up every day to get you back on the road and to use our expertise to save you money where we can. KC Martin Transmissions loves to be the one to shoot you straight and give you the advice that helps you make meaningful decisions.

The very best recognition is the kind we get from our customers every day, by having them come back for a second time, a third time, or as some decades-long customers do, simply toss their car key at us and say, “Let me know what needs to be fixed,” then walk away. We always aim to do right by them, and we aim to do right by anyone who comes through our doors.

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