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The Best Transmission Shops in Seattle Area: KC Martin Transmissions Makes the Grade!

by KC Martin Transmissions on 01/27/17

It's official KC Martin has been named to the list of the 19 Best Transmission Shops in Seattle (Greater Seattle area, of course) as graded upon and publicized by It looks like someone finally wanted to get to the bottom of things and find the very best local businesses in specific categories. That someone was Expertise, and they've found KC Martin Transmissions worthy.

Lynnwood's Best Transmission Repair Shop
It's wonderful to be recognized for the good work you do, day in and day out. But, how were WE chosen? Luckily, Expertise lays out their process and it's easy to see why they came to the conclusion that our humble Lynnwood transmission shop (two total branches that work together to give you ANY auto repair service you need) should be recognized.

The selection criteria boiled down to a set of five judgement criteria. Here's how we've been able to live up to each one:

1. Reputation
The description reads, "a history of delighted customers as a signal of outstanding service." Well, we probably have MORE history than anyone else on this list---69 years and counting. And, you certainly cannot stay in business for this long without customers pleased and willing to come back. Lynnwood, Edmonds, and Mountlake Terrace communities have trusted their ENTIRE CARS, not just transmission repairs, to us for decades.

2. Credibility
This refers to licensing, accreditation and such. We hire ASE Certified Technicians and are a member of ATRA, which is a Transmission-specific association. Talking to our experts here, will probably provide all the credibility you would need anyhow.

3. Experience
We mentioned our 69 years of being in business, but did you know that we have technicians that have worked IN our business for almost their entire professional lives! That's not just working with cars or transmissions, but with KC Martin specifically for decades. In fact, some of our staff helps teach and train with young people, learning to be mechanics at vocational/technical schools.

4. Availability
KC Martin's shops, both of them, work very hard to be welcoming and friendly. At the front desk AND even when dealing with the ins and outs of getting you a cost for the right repair. We also do our best to get your car in and scheduled as soon as possible. After so many years of doing this, we are essentially seeing our old friends walk in every day, so it's second nature to do everything we can to be friendly, fast, and thorough.

5. Professionalism
From our website, to the front desk, to getting your car fixed, we work hard and maintaining a high level of professionalism. That can vary in our industry quite a bit, but we know that being professional in every thing we do, is one of the best ways to show you that we care.

After reviewing these criteria, it's much less surprising that KC Martin would gain such an honor. But we are honored and proud all the same! If you haven't given KC Martin a shot, or haven't been here in a while, we hope you'll give us the chance to demonstrate our award-winning service. Come see us!

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