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The Main Enemy of your Transmission? Summer Heat!

by KC Martin Transmissions on 07/10/15

Summer is really heating up in the Puget Sound area but as we continue on this streak of hot temperatures, you've got to watch out for your car. Did you know that an overwhelming amount of transmission problems and failures are caused by the car getting too hot? Overheating your car could cost you thousands of dollars in a transmission rebuild. As your car expels heat the hot air travels up from your engine to your transmission and transmission cooler. This also heats up the fluid in your transmission lines. Heated fluid can lead to malfunction of the clutch, burning of the seals, and formation of varnish.

How do you avoid unnecessary heating of the transmission? Below are a few tips: 

1) Avoid stop and go traffic during hot temperatures. Continuous stopping can generate extreme heat and also causes your transmission to work harder.

2) Do not do any heavy towing during hot climate times. The extra weight from towing will have your transmission working harder in addition to already dealing with the hot weather.

3) Check fluid levels monthly. Leaks, or low fluid can contribute to the overheating of a car. Transmission fluid is critical to cooling and lubricating your vehicle’s transmission. When checking look for lack of fluid, burnt or dirty fluid.

4) Have your fluids changed regularly. Dirty, burnt fluids will not properly cool your car. Around every 30 thousand miles you will want to have your fluid changed out and replaced.

5) Make sure your solenoid is working. The solenoid regulates the amount of fluid that is distributed to the transmission. When the solenoid is defective not enough fluid will be pumped to the transmission.

6) Provide regular maintenance to your car’s radiator. The radiator’s job is to cool down the transmission- if it is not working then your transmission can quickly overheat.

Ideally the transmission fluid temperatures should be under 175 degrees to ensure that the transmission is being properly cooled. If your car is heating up even a small drop in temperature can save your transmission from breaking down. If it is time to get your fluids changed or checked- or if you are having any issues with your transmission give KC Martin Transmissions a call today and we will work with you to check it out.

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1. Nick Mallory said on 9/15/15 - 07:59AM
I didn't know that the heat was so bad for the transmission; I thought that it made the engine more likely to overheat. It's a little too late this year, but next summer I'll try to avoid stop and go traffic more, especially in my wife's car. Her transmission might already need work.

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