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The Return of Lynnwood's Greatest Transmission Blog!

by KC Martin Transmissions on 08/21/12

Okay, so we've taken a little time away from blogging---but hey, it's summer time.---just a little vacation.  Consider this our grand return!  We have some smaller items to mention here.......

Our first announcement is that our other shop on 196th st. also started a blog!  Click on this link to go read their Lynnwood Auto Repair Blog! We're not gonna duplicate articles, so you should follow both blogs for nice little tips and some news about what's going on. Remember, both shops do some general auto repair, but our blog over here will focus a little more on manual and automatic transmissions----but both shops should come up with some great safety tips and car care advice.

They just posted yesterday, in fact, and the article talks about something we deal with a lot over here and generally in the auto repair industry.  They talk about having patience with your auto repair shop, because accurate diagnosis can't be rushed.  It's something we deal with even more closely sometimes, when it comes to transmissions.  Transmission repair issues can be even more temperamental and "come and go", so diagnosis is even more difficult than many other areas of your car.  It can take a couple of road tests, along with the car codes (if it's giving any), to really feel what's going on and start to assess what we can do to fix the issue, as affordably as possible.

Anyhow, it's a good article and it's an issue that we'd like our valued customers to be aware of.  So, check out their NEW blog and their latest article, if you get the chance.

K.C. Martin (either shop, really) would also like to mention that it's a GREAT TIME to start thinking about getting alignments, brakes, and other systems checked before the big September rush.  Oil changes and other small items of maintenance are better taken care of now, in August, if you can manage it.  So, enjoy your sunny August days, but please consider getting your vehicle in to us soon, because in our experience it gets much more difficult to get it to us as the weather cools and the kids head back to school and such.

Thanks for reading. Check back for our next post soon!



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