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Experts in Lynnwood Transmission Rebuilds and Repair!

by KC Martin Transmissions on 07/11/13

Most auto repair shops may list "transmission repair" or "transmission rebuilds" as some of their services, but actually, very few of them have the expertise to do this work. These auto repair facilities handle most of the services they list, but when it comes to transmission work they actually have a lot of that work done by a separate company. 

It's part of the reason KC Martin established a second shop-the KC Martin Transmission shop.  The idea was that, along with continuing to handle general automotive work, we would have technicians that knew the art that is transmission diagnosis, and could handle transmission work start to finish.

We've trained our own specialists in transmission work and we are renowned for Transmission Repair Lynnwood has been relying on for years.  It's a huge asset for us. Even our other location sends the transmission work that comes up at thier shop, over to our shop.  Don't worry, you can continue to bring you cars there  no matter the issue, we handle the movement between our shops for you.

For a Transmission Rebuild Lynnwood folks need to look no further, and even surrounding areas may want to call us up for our expertise, as we have technicians that have had their hands inside of transmissions for over 30 years, and can diagnose issues as fast as anyone.

 When all is said and done we are so confident in our work, that we provide a 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty on all Transmission rebuilds. In fact, we have so much experience doing this, that we can take care of ANY make and model, transmission rebuild, so just bring it by!

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