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Toyota Service and Toyota Maintenance in Lynnwood WA

by KC Martin Transmissions on 11/11/12

Contrary to common belief, You don't have to take your Toyota to the dealership to maintain your warranty!

As you know, KC Martin Transmissions can service any make or model of vehicle, but when it comes to Toyota Service, we can perform up to the standards of any Toyota Specialist in Lynnwood WA. Many people think that if they own a Toyota under warranty that they need to take it back to the dealership for Toyota Maintenance in order to maintain that warranty. That is false. Lynnwood Toyota owners have been bringing their cars to us for 30K, 60K, or 90K servicing and maintenance for many years. We believe in regular maintenance and we can handle any Toyota Auto Repair!

Remember, KC Martin Transmissions does general auto repair as well, AND we have two shops in the area to serve you! With well over 60 years in business and many long term mechanic employees, we have become just as fast and efficient with Toyota Auto repairs as any Toyota specialist in Lynnwood WA. Even Lynnwood Japanese Auto repair places aren't going to outperform KC Martin on Toyota Auto Repair.

If you have any questions about our ability to service or repair your Toyota Car, just give us a call. We'll demonstrate just how prepared we are to care for your Toyota car. Lynnwood Toyota Auto Repair may be only one of the many brands we service, but we are committed to keeping you moving with just as much expertise as any other Lynnwood Transmission or Auto Shop. 

If you own many different types of vehicle, why rush around town to a bunch of different service departments? Take your Toyota in to KC Martin Auto Repair or KC Martin Transmissions the next time you need something fixed or a regular maintenance service, and we can be your "go to" mechanic for Toyota and any other Make of vehicle that you also own.

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