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Transmission Rebuilds Indicate Expertise

by KC Martin Transmissions on 03/28/12

We just added some new information to our site about Transmission Rebuilds which we pasted below for your convenience (OR, Check it out at  The bottom line is that you have to be VERY careful about choosing any auto repair shop, but even more so when it comes to Transmission work.  One of the most interesting issues centers around what a transmission "rebuild" means to each company. 
We go through that issue below.  In short, you want a transmission shop that is doing ALL of the work themselves and is doing COMPLETE work.  This is not an area that you want to "skimp" on.  You really need the best shop you can find.  We aren't the ONLY good shop around, but we are dedicated to remaining one of the best you can find.  We do the work ourselves, because we are experts, and we stand behind our work, because when you bring your vehicle to us, we always do the best thing for your vehicle.  How the shop handles a transmission rebuild is one the keys to understanding the expertise of that transmission shop.
Here's the complete message below:
Our Transmission experts rebuild your transmission ON SITE:

It is very important to know what kind of transmission shop you are working with and trusting your vehicle to. In the case of many shops, they can put a REBUILT transmission into your vehicle, and maybe even at a good price, but they don't necessarily rebuild it themselves.

We pride ourselves on being able to Rebuild your transmission the RIGHT WAY. We can take apart your transmission and the valve body, inspect the valves, and also replace the seals, gaskets, pump seals, bushings, bands and worn parts that need to be replaced. Also renewing the electronics inside of the transmission is very important.

It's VERY complicated----we know. BUT, the difference is huge for you. When all is said and done we are so confident in our work, that we provide a 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty on all Transmission rebuilds. In fact, we have so much experience doing this, that we can take care of ANY make and model, transmission rebuild, so just bring it by!

If not us, be sure to ask if the person you bring your vehicle to, if they will actually do the rebuild themselves or if they are buying one that is rebuilt from somewhere else. If you come to us, you can even ask to see your transmission apart on the bench before it is rebuilt! It's quite a site-----About 200-400 pieces when disassembled.

We hope you'll consider allowing K.C. Martin Transmissions to rebuild your Transmission the RIGHT WAY.

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