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Transmission Repair: An art and a science

by KC Martin Transmissions on 09/26/12

There are many areas of your automobile that allow you to get in and go in comfort. Your car is actually a set of interwoven systems that not only move the wheels and allow you to steer, but to turn without issue, keep the ride smooth, keep the engine cool, allow electrical systems to run, and so on. The transmission system is possibly the most complicated and potentially problematic system in your entire vehicle, and we'd like you to know that it is something for only the experienced folks to handle for you.

Many areas or systems of your car or truck are commonly talked about as "Do-it-yourself" areas of repair or maintenance. It’s understandable that folks think that some of the simpler systems can be handled at home, so as to save some money and not "trouble" your local mechanic. The truth is that, unless you have worked as a mechanic, your really may not be saving any money. The risk that you would do the wrong thing or not use a proper technique, should be enough reason to just develop the habit of bringing your car to a full-time professional. And, as we always say, every little hiccup with your car just gives us another chance to make sure nothing serious is occurring and all of the other systems are running optimally.

But we realize that people, and even some of our regular customers, are going to change their own oil, their own brakes (yikes!), diagnose weird noises, fill fluids, and other seemingly simple tasks, even some repairs, if they think they can manage it. We MUST urge you though, to avoid doing almost ANYTHING with your car's transmission unless you are an experienced transmission specialist.

The transmission is a unit that takes on the ENORMOUS task of regulating the gears and motion of your car. It is a mechanical system, but it is in NO WAY simple. There are a larger variety of problems that can happen within this one unit, than can happen with any other area of your car. On top of that, it is an enclosed unit and the problems occur inside of it. What is occurring in your transmission is very scientific and factual. The way to find out what is going on though, and how to fix it in the most time-efficient manner, is very difficult and requires a certain "feel" for what is going on with the transmission. This is what we'd call the "art of transmission repair", and cannot be stressed enough. This the reason why there are entire shops dedicated to this one car system!

If your mechanic doesn't have the years and years of experience it takes to have the "feel" for what's going on, along with the ability to open it up and come up with an effective solution, then you need to look elsewhere. We have that experience. Our technicians can work on other areas of your car, and do, but we are a shop of "Transmission Artists". Over 100 years of Transmission experiences in diagnosis, dismantling, re-building, and repair are what you get from K.C. Martin Transmissions. Don't settle for anything less. Transmission repair is an art and a science and we are glad to be your solid answer in the Lynnwood, Bothell, Edmonds, and Mill Creek areas.

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