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Transmission Servicing: How KC Martin can take even better care of you!

by KC Martin Transmissions on 02/10/15

Your transmission uses fluid that functions to keep the transmission parts cool. Over time, this fluid needs to be changed out. Why? Because, contaminants eventually build up and decrease the effectiveness of your transmission fluid. If this fluid is ineffective, that means that overheating of the transmission becomes a major concern. One source, at, talks about overheating of automatic transmissions being the cause of nearly 90% of transmission failures. It's kind of simple---protect your transmission, by making sure the fluid is still effective in keeping it cool.

Getting the fluid changed is a generally routine process. Transmission shops like ours have a ton of experience getting the old fluid out and the right new fluid replaced to the right levels. Many may say that they can handle this as a simple fluid change, but beware that getting the correct fluid for your car is vital. The wrong fluid can cause major problems. Also, a pro will know how to make sure the level is correct, and any quirks that are occur specific to you car or truck.

When, or how often should you have your Transmission serviced, and have the fluid changed?  Most car makers will recommend getting this service done every 100,000 miles, but this may be a bit of a stretch. To be sure you do not risk issues with your transmission, you'll want to think about getting it serviced around 30,000-40,000 miles (it ends up coming out to about 2-3 years). The transmission experts at our shop may advise you that it is not yet necessary, but you'd rather be suggesting it early than waiting until problems arise. We can easily check the fluid itself, which tends to remove all doubt as to whether a fluid change is needed or not. 

The lesson: when in doubt, make sure that the transmission shop you trust gets a look and can help you determine when to get this done.  

The BIGGER lesson: if you live in the Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Edmonds, Everett WA areas, and you are NOT using KC Martin, you may be missing out!  Why is this?  KC Martin Transmissions DOES WAY MORE than just transmission work. Our other shop sends your transmission work over to us, sure! And, you should continue going there first---we move your car where it needs to be fixed.  But, if you bring your vehicle to us at the Transmission shop, we will handle all of your auto repair and maintenance, and also keep a special eye on your transmission fluid whenever you bring the vehicle in for routine jobs like oil changes, brake checks, and factory maintenance services.  KC Martin Transmissions handles all of your auto repair needs---transmission service and much more!

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