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Transmission Symptoms

by KC Martin Transmissions on 05/28/12

Common Transmission Symptoms

We'd cetainly love it, if our customers and the readers of our blog (thank you for reading, by the way) would "take our word for it" every time---that would be so much simpler for us.  But, luckily, we have other resources around the internet to use in showing your that we are talking about generally understood transmission issues and thoughts.  Not everyone agrees on how to do things, but in some cases--the basics--there's no problem finding other sources to point to. 

We wanted to educate you all on what the basic symptoms are when your transmission is "acting up".  That way you can have SOME idea as to what you are dealing with.  We found a nice little list that just about covers the basic issues on ( ).

If you hear these things going on, it would be a GREAT IDEA to call us immediately.  Especially before you need it to be towed.  You might be able to save yourself some money too, because the longer you wait, the more damage you could be doing to the transmission. 

If you even think these sort of things are going on, bring your car by, we will give it a look for free.  Here are the main issues that you might experience:

Transmission Slippage

  • An automatic transmission that slips in and out of gear while driving is a classic sign of a bad transmission. An automatic transmission has a series of gears(normally between 4 and 5) designed for various engine speeds and loads. An automatic transmission that slips between gears affects vehicle performance and is a sign of impending transmission failure.

Transmission Spinning

  • A bad or faulty automatic transmission will often spin without providing any forward vehicle movement. This normally happens when an automatic transmission clutch fails to properly engage the transmission gears with the engine crankshaft, resulting in a spinning or freewheeling condition.

Trransmission Lag

  • Transmission lag is defined as a delay in transmission action or engagement. When a vehicle is accelerated, a transmission that lags will fail to engage for a few seconds before "kicking" into gear. Transmission lag normally happens during acceleration from a complete stop.

Burned Transmission Fluid

  • Normal transmission fluid is pinkish in color and almost transparent. A bad automatic transmission will often burn and/or char automatic transmission fluid and turn the fluid almost black; many times there will actually be a burned, smoky smell to the fluid as well.

Severe Transmission Fluid Leaks

  • An automatic transmission that leaks a large amount of transmission fluid, whether during normal vehicle operation or when a vehicle is parked, is a sign of a bad automatic transmission.


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1. Lillian Schaeffer said on 9/22/16 - 12:04PM
This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that slipping in and out of gear while driving is a sign of transmission problems. My car has been having this issue, and I'm worried about the safety of driving it. I'll definitely make sure to take it into a professional right away to have the transmission fixed. Thanks for the great post!

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