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Want an Accurate Auto Repair Estimate? Just bring the car by!

by KC Martin Transmissions on 09/17/13

We understand that this day and age, folks like to be able to get as much as they can get done by phone or over the internet. It's no different with auto repair. Even if you have an auto repair mechanic that you trust, I'm sure you've researched online what may be wrong with your car. Maybe you've heard a noise and wanted to see what was wrong and what other people are saying that it SHOULD cost to have it fixed.  Then, there's all of the people of the area that call and want to know what we charge for certain services (which can vary greatly, depending upon the car you drive). With auto repair, the main principle has not changed: The only way to truly know what needs to be fixed, and what it will cost, is to have a good mechanic examine your vehicle.

We often bring up our successful 65-year history of handling General Auto Repair Transmission Repair Lynnwood, Edmonds, and surrounding areas with integrity. It seems that our best bet to take care of you and your vehicle for the long-term is to be as "hands-on" with your car as possible. This allows us to then be accurate with diagnosis, and with pricing. Auto Repair concerns are usually procrastinated upon, which can be very costly, and mainly it is because of a general distrust of their auto mechanic.  It's understandable, but this is simply avoiding the issue. The real problem is that you need to find an auto repair facility that you can trust to do the right thing.

We would ask that if you have any issue with your car (because we don't just do transmissions, we handle ALL of your auto repair needs), that you go ahead and bring it by and allow us to take a look at it.  Many times we know very quickly what is wrong, and what it will take to fix it. In Transmission Repair situations and some other areas of your car, diagnosis can be tricky.  In any case, we think you'll see that it is much easier and less confusing to have us find out precisely what is wrong, so that you can stop guessing.  It's really the ONLY way to get an accurate cost.

Lastly, you have to trust that a business that's been doing this for 65 years is not simply "trapping" you into doing work with us.  We also know that you have a life and we do our best to handle your diagnosis and repair in the most timely manner possible. Also, our goal is to have you do the necessary repairs and nothing more. If you give us the opportunity to look at your car the next time something is running incorrectly, then we will show you how painless this process can be. Then you will become another loyal customer for sure. 

Car Trouble? Bring. It. By.


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1. Booker said on 11/11/13 - 02:55PM
I am looking for <a href="http://www.protransmission1.procarcarezone.com/topshop/web/web_template/temp5/service.asp?id=151310">transmission repair in Florence, KY</a>. Does anyone know of a skilled mechanic that can help me?
2. [email protected] said on 1/13/14 - 07:51PM
Regular & quality servicing of your car can save your thousands. One must always try to get his car serviced time to time. It is often times hard to accurately determine a problem and estimate the cost of the repair over the phone. It is therefore common for shops to give you a low quote to get your business. This can potentially lead you to getting hit with extra work that you didn't expect. Having the shop actually look at the car can give you both a better idea of what is going to be involved in the repair, and consequently, a more accurate estimate.

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