Welcome to our BRAND NEW Blog : KC Martin Transmissions OFFICIAL Blog

Welcome to our BRAND NEW Blog

by KC Martin Transmissions on 01/31/12

So, here we are a transmission shop in Lynnwood, WA entering the blogosphere (whatever that is) for the first time.  Hard to say exactly what we hope to bring to our customers and community at large by running one of these things.  We'll be mixing together some advice and general car-care wisdom, sharing some of our company's philosophy and history, and digging into some of the basics of auto transmissions....our specialty!

 Of course, we are part of a mini-network, as there is also a KC Martin auto repair shop, also in Lynnwood.  You can check them out NOW, at: www.kcmartin.com .  Because we are a close family of businesses, we tend to blur the lines between transmission info and general repair info.

 In the end, whether you only take a quick glance or you come back regularly to check on this blog, you should be able to gather SOMETHING of interest.  Lots of interesting stuff happens around our shop.  The KC Martin family has a rich history and colorful characters that keep this company serving customers at a pretty high level.  Hopefully, we can use this blog to continue giving customers new and old, a little taste of the common sense, and life-long wisdom we use in approaching our customers, their vehicles, and things as complicated as manual and automatic transmissions, differentials, clutches, and on, and on, and on.

 So, welcome!  And, check back for more posts or follow our RSS feed.....whatever that is.....just kidding.

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