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What Will Transmission Work Cost? You're Asking the WRONG Question.

by KC Martin Transmissions on 03/29/17

It's understandable that a customer or patron of any product or service would want to know the price of those goods and services. Like all businesses, KC Martin Transmissions wants to remain competitive on its pricing, but "Price" is a truly small factor as compared to "Cost". Erich Bockelie, our main man over here, puts it simply when he says, "If you're only asking what the transmission work will cost, you're asking the wrong question."

Price shopping makes sense when you're talking about the SAME brand and size of peanut butter at two different stores. It's truly the same product, and if you don't already prefer one store over the other, the comparison on that product is simple. But with a highly intricate service on a particularly temperamental area of any car or truck, there's really no such thing as "apples to apples" or peanut butter to peanut butter, as we referenced. 

If you're going to spend the money on any major car repair (and transmission work tends to be just that), you want the job done correctly, right?  And if something is a little off or does not go right when you get to driving around again, wouldn't you want the business who performed the work to stand behind it? Maybe asking questions about these sort of situations would be slightly (or greatly) more important to ask about.

What questions SHOULD you ask then?  Here's are THREE BIG QUESTIONS that will yield answers that are as important or even MORE important than the price:

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?
If the shop has been around for multiple decades, it's unlikely that they will disappear in the next year or two after you have your major repair done. On top of that, auto repair and transmission repair shops tend to go out of business if they do not perform quality work. Find out how long they've been a company. KC Martin, is more than qualified in this area. Next year makes 70 years in business, that's hard to beat. We also do all matters of auto repair and did so much transmission work we spawned the separate location (you can bring your car to either shop for any repair or service though).

2. Do You Have Experienced Transmission Specialists?
So, the shop may have been there for a long time, but are they only somewhat experienced with transmission work? Can they do the rebuild themselves? Do they do all of the steps of diagnosis before recommending a particular repair or replacement. KC Martin Transmissions has technicians that have been taking apart and putting transmissions of all types back together for anywhere from 10-40 years. If you start asking, you'll find that our shop usually has well-over a century of transmission repair experience among our specialists.

3. Do Your Guarantee Your Work?
Transmissions are not simple. It's considered one "part" of your car, but it's actually made up of over 100 separate parts. A new installed or rebuilt transmission commonly needs to be adjusted after you've begun driving around. You're gonna want a transmission expert who can help you every step of the way, and if something goes VERY wrong, you want to know that they will take care of it and make it right. Find out EXACTLY what the warranty on your transmission replacement or transmission repair entails. We offer a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty on all transmission services. KC Martin WANTS you to get quality and therefore trust us for all future auto repairs. It's how we have continued to thrive as a business since 1948.

If you live near KC Martin Transmissions in Lynnwood WA, please give us a shot to make you happy with your next auto repair service. You can even ask us the THREE BIG QUESTIONS above (even through we kinda already answered them). If not, make sure you remember to ask these questions and don't be shy, the next time you need transmission repair work or any auto repair. They apply for all major services.

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