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Who is ATRA and how can they help YOU?

by KC Martin Transmissions on 10/03/14

We know that the transmission is a very specific area of your car. Hopefully it's rare that you have major transmission problems, and you may only need to know the basics in order to stay clear of issues. When problems DO strike, however, you might be surprised to find out just how vital the transmission system is to your car, and just how important it is to have a professional you can trust to diagnose and work on your faulty automatic or manual transmission.

This may seem like the point where we begin to tell you how GREAT KC Martin Transmissions is, and why you should choose us.  Well, kinda,.....but we actually want to let you know about a bigger organization that can help you be informed and responsible no matter what part of the country you live in!  We want to introduce the organization known as ATRA, or the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association.

ATRA is the world's largest trade organization of transmission rebuilders, transmission specialists, and transmission part suppliers. Their stated mission is "to provide you with the resources you need to keep your transmission running, or get it fixed quickly".  We are glad to introduce you to an organization that can back up the information we share with you, and in fact, they have a great many articles and tools on their site that can benefit you.  We thought we'd share some of them here.

We found one PERFECT tool on their site for all of those who are not sure whether to get their car fixed or look at trading it in.  It's called the "Fix-it or Trade-it Calculator".  We actually link to it from the KC Martin Transmissions home page. Or, you can go directly to the calculator and look at the information you will need to fill in the form.  It's a great tool for you to understand your car and how to face the tough decisions of replacement. This calculator goes beyond the scope of transmission work, and truly helps you to gain control of your transportation costs and needs.

On the ATRA site there are also many other helpful articles, like the ones we try to post here.  We found a very informative blog article called "Why is My Check Engine Light On?" which you might enjoy. Another related article found on the ATRA site is called "Some Engine Problems Can Seem Like Transmission Problems".  These kinds of informative pieces can also help you narrow down what you are dealing with.  If you are a customer of ours, you'd know that this is the type of wisdom we try to use daily, and it's why folks keep coming back to use us. It's also why BOTH of our shops are quick to get to the right answer---we'll fix your car even if it isn't a transmission issue, and even if you THOUGHT that was the problem.

We are proud to be an ATRA shop and stand with an organization that legitimizes what we do, and one that, like us, wants to legitimately help car and truck owners. Still not convinced that choosing an ATRA shop is the right way to go? Then you can read this piece on why to pick an ATRA shop! They include their code of ethics, which we also abide by.

We urge you to get to know the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, and no matter where you live, consider using their "shop finder" tool to seek out a trusted shop in your area.  And, if you're looking for Auto Repair in Lynnwood WA, or Transmission Repair in the Lynnwood area, we hope you'll choose KC Martin, the trusted name since 1948!

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1. William - Transmission Shop Modesto Ca said on 10/16/14 - 05:01AM
Customers ask us this all the time "We've been noticing some grinding and we think it's our transmission. What can we do in this case? Maybe it would be a better idea to get our transmission repaired than to get a whole new part?" We tell them to bring it in for a free inspection. Usually it can be repaired without replacing. http://ptransmissions.com

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