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Your Car's Clutch and Signs It May Need To Be Replaced

by KC Martin Transmissions on 10/24/16

While many drivers still enjoy control of driving a manual transmission car and using a clutch—they may not understand when it is in need of clutch repair or replacement. When you drive a manual transmission vehicle you will need your clutch to function properly to ensure the safe operation of your vehicle. If you have your manual transmission vehicle receive regular maintenance then you will avoid many issues that can occur with your car’s clutch. However, it is still important to know about your clutch and watch out for signs that your clutch needs repair. 

Simply put, your vehicle’s clutch helps your car shift into different gears which allows you to go different speeds on the road. It controls the regulation of power from the engine to the transmission to drive the wheels. Cars have a gearbox that has two turning shafts—and your clutch connects those shafts- allowing them either to turn at the same time or different speeds. The important components of the clutch include the flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing and control linkage. 
How can you tell if your clutch needs repair?  
1. Be on the look-out for your vehicle slipping out of gear. This is a common problem sign of a worn out clutch or oil leaks.  

2. Watch out for the clutch sticking. When the pedals either become harder to disengage or press upon you should get your clutch inspected. It may not mean that your clutch is broken but there may be some problem with linkage or a leak in your system that needs to be fixed.

3. You will also want to take note of any burning smell or smoke coming from underneath the vehicle. This can indicate that there is a plate problem, overheating or other clutch damage. 

At KC Martin Transmission we have been working with all different makes and models of cars for decades. That includes properly fixing and repairing clutch problems on manual transmission vehicles, both old and new. Remember, it says "transmission" in our name, but we can handle ANY auto repair you need.  If you have additional questions about clutches or think that your clutch may need service just give us a call or bring in your vehicle today!

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1. Duncan Lance said on 9/19/18 - 07:30PM
The clutch is a very important part of your car, so you'll need to make sure that it is always running properly. As the article points out, one of the biggest warning signs is your vehicle slipping out of gear. Considering how dangerous this can be when you're driving it is a problem that you will want to get fixed as soon as possible.

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