K.C. Martin has decades of experience with transmissions and we do transmission flushes and service for your vehicle, whether you have a manual transmission or an automatic transmission!

Transmission flushes are performed in order to completely remove the old and worn-out transmission fluid. This process clears deposits left by your used transmission fluid from all areas of the transmission, including your cooling lines and converter.

It's not always completely necessary, so you'll want to listen to the recommendation of your transmission expert (in this case KC Martin Transmissions). If necessary, this process eliminates the residue from your old transmission fluids, which can act to contaminate or weaken the new fluid. Your new, fresh transmission fluid will lessen the stress on the transmission, which can help prolong your transmission's life span. It is more complete than just draining old fluid.

There are several factors that contribute to when the transmission flush should be performed.  A transmission flush schedule will be different for automatic and manual transmissions. The make and model of your car/truck as well as it's overall wear and tear are all factors in when a flush is needed. Please, check your vehicle's instruction manual and feel free to bring the vehicle by our shop at K.C. Martin Transmissions. We are always prepared to consult on what the best course of action is for your car, and whether you are in need of a complete transmission flush or other transmission servicing.
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